You Can’t Find a Babysitter….What do you do?

jllc12412There will no doubt be more than one occasion when you’re invited to a wedding, or some other special event, and you either can’t find a babysitter, or the one you thought was coming to watch your children cancels on you at the last minute.  What do you do?!  If you’ve already bought that special outfit, and been looking forward to going, it’s a real let down when things don’t work out the way you thought they would.

Unless the invitation specifically said “Adults Only”, the only option you really have is to call them and explain the situation.  Tell them you’d love to be there but since you don’t have a sitter, you’ll hopefully be able to come to the next event.  This gives your host the chance to either accept your decline, or extend an invitation to bring “little boo boo” with you.   If you do end up going, always have an exit strategy in the back of your mind, if things don’t go as you hope!  Some children fit right into a room full of adults, and thrive on all the attention they get……and of course there are the rest of them……you know the ones that think running through a crowd is simply a display of their “cuteness”?


Children have to learn how to behave in a lot of different situations, and this can be one of those learning moments.  If they’re babysitteraold enough, you tell them what they can expect to see, and who will be there.  Most importantly, you explain what behavior is acceptable, and what is not, and what will happen if they chose the later.  Hopefully there will be other children there, and let’s face it……most kids prefer other kids to adults.  Ask your host if he/she has a DVD player in a room not being used for the party, and take your child’s favorite movie.  Bag some popcorn and some other “non-messy” treats too…….most likely they’ll fall asleep watching the movie (okay……I’m an optimist).

The point is, it all depends on the setting of the event, how well you know the person who invited you, and how well you think your children will actually do if you did take them.  Don’t intrude into someone elses event with a child you know will try to be the center of attention all night.  There’s always another party……….graduation……and life doesn’t end because you miss one or two.  If you can’t go…..have a party with your children!  Celebrate them…….trust me they grow up way too fast!